The 20 mistakes you should not make when you are in your 20s.


20s is one of the critical moments of our lives. It represents many temptations and distractions, the decisions we make will certainly dictate our future for very long years. It is during this twenties that the difference between the “weak” and the “strong” will be made.

Will you have what it takes to achieve success or will you evolve into the mediocrity of a life without much interest?

The choice is YOU who do it. While some think that they have all the keys to success, we realize that they are not the ones who succeed. It’s time for you to get everything changed and fight for the life you want to have, NOW and not later! You will create your destiny and every move you make is a try. Do not crap; here are the 20 mistakes you MUST NOT make.

  1. Work for money and not for building your dreams.

Never do something because it’s convenient for you. Challenge yourself and build your own dream instead of building someone else’s while working for it. See beyond the immediate reward of a salary paid to the minimum for a job that you do not like. What are you going to do with it? Stop believing that this is life and you deserve that money you just won. You will soon realize that this money will not make you happy. Build your dream, work for YOU.

  1. Thinking it’s a good time to fall in love.

Although many of your friends fall into this trap, do not fall yourself into this one. This might tempt you and you even sincerely think it’s the right time. But No. Twenties is far too crucial for your own personal development. Why go bother to satisfy the will and needs of another person? Yours is ample and is far more important. Get out of this, you have your future and your business on the shoulders! Go outside, meet new people, go beyond your limits and enjoy it, it will take you far.

  1. Trying to act as a man rather than learning how to become one.

Rather than wanting at all costs to buy you luxury sapes and instead of continuing to slam your money in tinned bottles as if you were someone important, spend that time you use unnecessarily by putting it on your Career and on yourself.

Remember that every second counts and if you spend all your time pretending to be the person you claim to be instead of actually making that person then you will sink into the quicksand faster than Planned without realizing it.

A real man is ready to make sacrifices. If you are not ready to work hard, please do not act like this. You will be able to enjoy success when you actually reach it.

  1. Make a lot of friends instead of winning the trust of a few.

Surrounding the crowd and very socially active people can be tempting but you will eventually be victims. Of course you have the right to celebrate an event but stay calm … it’s never attractive when you celebrate something as if it were the last time you did it in your life.

If you want people to take you seriously, then you need to take them seriously . It’s not because you think you can trust someone that means you can. Respect all alarm signals in the past of that person before jumping into any type of risk with them.

  1. Do not worry about anything because you only live once (YOLO) – it’s for fools.

We are all capable of making irrational decisions in their twenties. A life of parties, hard drugs and anything that can get closer to the spirit YOLO will eventually leave you ass on the floor once and for all. You must remain focused on your goal and what you need to do to reach it. And if you still do not know what it is, you’d better know it quickly! ASAP! As soon as possible!

  1. Make all your wills needs.

A costly girl and the most expensive pair of sneakers should not be on the list of your needs. You have to calibrate the foundations of your business and your team before all else, this is far more important than updating your wardrobe and running behind the sex.

Make the distinction between what you want and what you actually need. Be sure that your priorities prevail over the rest or you will lose your lead quickly.

  1. Forget that the family comes above all.

It was she who supported you above all and that makes you achieve success a little more each day and you have to reward her in response to her support. If you do not do it for the people you love then you do not do it as it should. The family always comes first and it does not matter what can happen. If you work for those you love and not just for yourself then you will go far.

  1. Blame others for nothing in life.

Consider yourself responsible for everything. Do not look at others hoping to find answers and instead of creating problems, create solutions.
Whether it was for the job you wanted, the funding you needed or the love of your life that you thought you could not live without, there is NO PERSON who can be held responsible in this universe other than YOU.

  1. Have a good time as if you deserved it.

Unless you’re having a good time with Victoria’s Secret models in Monaco this weekend, you should not even think about taking a vacation any time soon. Need a holiday? What have you accomplished? Mark Cuban spent 7 years creating his first business before taking a break. Do not be lazy now.

  1. Do odd jobs that will not teach you anything.

A bad job is like an unhealthy relationship. Actually, the only reason you are there is that it is an easy and safe situation on what you can do. Any work or relationship that puts you at ease should be avoided at all costs. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to avoid the worst scenario of a 40-year infernal routine with leisurely family outings in mini-van and football matches on weekends …

  1. Follow the crowd rather than go against it.

You may be aware of trends but you should never follow them! If all your time is spent trying to adapt to this environment, you will be lost in the crowd just as simply.

Success and greatness are created by the people who make these tendencies precisely and not by those who follow them. We hope you have no hope of resembling your favorite rapper. The temptation to be influenced by others is so easy but no one will find his way, nor his reason in this way.

  1. Not succeed in passing on energy to the people around us.

Although you may think there is a lack of talent in your network, it is not. It is your responsibility to inspire, encourage and drive the people around you to success. Failure to do so only confirms the fact that you are victims of what you accuse others of being. The change and size can erupt everywhere but it must be carried by yourself to be able to trigger it.

  1. Think that you must stop learning and evolving.

You have more zeroes at the end of your statement and stamps in your passport than you ever imagined. But do not consider that it is the turn of victory but rather as a taste of grandeur. Do you live to enjoy the moments you’ve always dreamed of or do you live for a lifetime of unimaginable success?

The common mistake that makes when things are in your favor, you think you no longer need to work until 3 am is a dangerous problem. The more nights you spend at work will turn into more opportunities than you will have to celebrate for your future accomplishments.

“When you stop learning, you stop growing.

  1. Think people will return it to you.

The twenties will be accompanied by a series of bad investments from you and those around you. Whether rich or poor, there will always be someone who will need a hand in your circle of friends. If you had always thought that you would see this money again, you were cruelly mistaken.

If there was a plan of action and reinvestment, well the truth would be that you would not revisit any € in return on investment for your loan to that friend. Morality is to lend no € . Times are hard and especially during the twenties. Finding a path to financial freedom is often perceived only by winning the lottery.

Of course miracles happen but the likelihood that you have given that money without seeing the color is much higher.

  1. Invest in relationships with bad values.

Your love life is an investment – and the more intelligently you will execute your business, the more aware you will become as an investor. Rather than sailing in an ambiguous investment in which you cover your partner with money and gifts of any kind, make sure that she will show you positive returns. Your love life must have a very solid return on investment.

  1. Hold yourself to friends who are wasting your time and adding no value to your life.

You will be sucked into the abyss directly with them if you do not cut the decks quickly. Your family and friends can be as beneficial to you as when you were a child but if they no longer represent and no longer have for you that value and inspiration necessary to thrive in life then “cut the bridges” and take Of the distance.

The only people you need to surround yourself with are those who will “challenge” your ideas and push you to find the next solution to your problem. Warning. Not the pessimistic assholes that shatter your ideas with their negativity but rather those who really want to see you succeed no matter what you do in life.

  1. Forget the pink piggy bank and spend every euro you own.

The truth is that it is about making more money and not saving it . But at the same time, if you do not have the means to expand your sources of income then you need to be able to save a few euros here, there. No one likes to go to work because he has spent all his money in a box.

  1. Do not pack without having put the gift inside.

The road to success is not open to the responsibility of children or a wife. It is a somewhat lonely journey that you have to do with yourself and those you love will be able to celebrate with you afterwards.

  1. Meet with unstable people.

If this person has no ambition now, she will never have. Do not waste your time with people who do not have this entrepreneurial fiber or who think they understand and know without ever having learned anything. Engaging in a battle lost in advance will only lose you time and will not bring you anything interesting.

  1. Forget that karma is a big slut.

Whether it is cutting off the bridges with people you loved, stealing your friend’s girlfriend or plotting against an ex-partner, we must always remember that karma is the biggest slut we have Never met.

There is nothing more true than the fact that everything that happens around us will come back to us one day or another and you are not immune to the cosmic forces in place. We do not ask you to go to Mother Theresa’s pilgrimage but do not be surprised that reality catches you one day or another and knocks you down. Be a good person. This is the most important in life.

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