Must Have Items For Every Classy Campus lady This Semester


2017 is the year of slaying, it is the year of slay freshers, slay babes, slay everything. As a campus babe, this is a time to be one of the class people, the ones who together define the trends and others follow. We have compiled a list of must have accessories for you to deserve the title of class campuser.

1. Marble Laptop Case

This is going to be a must have for every chic with a laptop. Forget those fake laptop stickers. You must stand out and be noticed from the crowd of normals. That’s why you follow campus eye on  ku fm blog and not those other fake campus blogs. Campus Eye is about those campusers that are different, unique, awesome, outstanding, the ones who dare to be great and are awesome in all they do. Reading CampusEye is like having an iPhone. Those who follow other blogs belong to Samsung and Techno holders. So buy that Marble Laptop Case now.

2. Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Speedy is back in vogue. Showing up for those evening lectures, then this is your accessory. Everyone will instantly know you’ve been following a great site and belong to an awesome family of classy readers. You need a handbag that says; “look here, I am the one who runs this hostel, University or whatever.”

3. Kylie Lip Kit

If you want to reinvent yourself from the other chic everyone ignored last semester to the one that gets eyes rolling, then make that investment in this Lip Kit. We can link you up with the trend setter in this area,  You know what we mean?

4. Lilly Pullitzer Costumes

Honestly if you don’t own any of these clothing attires in your wardrobe then you need to stop reading CampusEye and go back to the other Kayla websites until you up your standards to match the best. Okay???

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