Slay Freshers: How To Do Your Make-Up Like A Pro?


Shopping for makeup is hard. Walking into Sephora can be flat-out terrifying(and not only for your wallet!). With so much selection and variety to choose from, it’s hard to figure out what exactly to buy. I hate to sound like a guy, but sometimes I wonder how the hell I’m supposed to distinguish this nude lipstick from the other million currently on the market. You may think that the only saving grace is the girls who work at Sephora, or wherever you buy makeup, and YouTube beauty influencers.

However, it’s easy to fall into the rut of buying all of the “cult favorite” products. Sure, they work, and everyone loves them. But, if you spill open your makeup bag to reveal a pink Beauty Blender, an Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette, Nars Orgasm Blush, and Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, congratulations: it looks like the exact same bag owned by every other basic bitch out there.

It’s easy to just take advice from anyone in a Sephora apron, or with over 100k followers on Instagram. However, sometimes it’s easy to look out into the great, big, wide world of makeup and wonder if there’s something out there that isn’t owned by approximately every other one of your sorority sisters. Just once, it would be cool if you were the one who was able to recommend a new product to someone else, or rave about a brand that that every other basic bitch hasn’t already heard of and bought too much from.

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