10 Most Useful Things To Bring to a Hostel That Many Freshers Don’t


There are those things we brand as the must-have while in a kenyan hostel. Sucks joining a hostel only to find out that you forgot that one important thing. As a result of this, your life will suck until you straighten up and bring that thing. So we’ve compiled a list of those must have things while at a kenyan hostel. Since Freshers report this August, it’s important that they have this part of their life sorted.

1. Some method to accommodate an extra person for a night or two, such as a sleeping bag and extra pillow

2. Ear plugs. Your roommate/hall mates will annoy you and you will want to sleep through the night.

3. An electric kettle. Boiling water is pretty handy especially in times when you run broke and the only way out is Bushera.

4. First aid kit. Eventually you or someone you know will need a band aid, ice pack, or neosporin.

5. Postinor. Yes, eventually you may be tempted into having live sex and that Morning-After sex pill will save you.

6. Have two sets of all your basic items (toiletries, towels, phone charger, etc): one to keep at campus, one to leave at home. That way you don’t have to bring half of your hostel room with you whenever you go home for a weekend. If you do that, you will forget things and eventually have half of what you need at home and half of what you need at the hostel. It’s incredibly annoying. Just buy a second set of things (not expensive things like clothes and phones, of course) to bring to campus.

7. Laptop. It’s just annoying to bother your friends with a computer on which to type your coursework. And of course, what a quicker way to watch some movies and porn.

8. A tape recorder. If the lecturer is too quick/ too boring or you are in no state of mind to take notes, it can help a lot.

9. If you are sharing a bathroom with the whole floor or maybe roommates I would suggest shower shoes (flip-flops). Foot fungus is quite common and you never know if the last guy pissed or jerked off in there and now your stepping in it.

10. Condoms/CDs/Protection. Honestly this should be like number one on the list. Don’t know how many times I missed out on good chaws simply because I had no CD nearby.

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