How to Get out of the Campus Friendzone?


You all know those campus girls that you would like to bang but somehow, they’ve already put you in that friendzone that you can’t escape. You hear her stories of the dudes who can’t treat her right, the dudes who give her orgasms and the dudes who see her as trash. She asks you to help lock up her zips and organize her bra. She will dress up in your presence, but try to go for a kiss and all hell will break lose.

The friendzone is the most dreaded thing in this world. It’s like having food to yourself that you can’t eat. You have access to her puna but you are not allowed to taste it. It’s some other random guy that always tastes that puna.

Once you enter a friend-zone, you won’t get out. Not even at your death bed. She will be there eulogizing you; “OMG he was like a brother to me..” The only way to avoid the friendzone is to not treat girls you want to bang as friends. Treat them as trash, as slaves.

Rule Number One of the Friendzone: Never Enter one Rule Number Two: Don’t forget rule number one.

Don’t do nice things for girls you are not yet banging. Their logic tells them that if you can do these things before you taste their kitone, then you can as well continue doing those things without tasting that puna. Only do nice things for girls after tasting what they have to offer. Don’t treat campus girls you want to bang as friends. Neg them, negatively compliment them, act as a bad guy to them. And they will be convinced to turn you from bad to good by giving you their kitone.

Till next time, I remain yours truly, the campus sniper.

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