Savagery! Miguna Miguna Received a Glowing Compliment But It Still Wasn’t Enough



It has become acceptable on Kenyan twitter that when one takes on Miguna Miguna, they should expect nothing but ‘savagery.’

He flies off the handle at the slightest provocation and has once been described as a man with the pride and arrogance of 10 Kabogos. Yesterday, he appeared to live up to that reputation in emphatic fashion.

Apparently, Miguna’s ‘savagery’ is not restricted to anyone who holds a different opinion, or attacks him. It applies to everyone, including those who sing his praises.

On Tuesday, NASA lawyer Otiende Amollo posted a glowing compliment about Miguna on twitter but Miguna’s reply was typically Miguna.

The former Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful could not hold back from pointing out a grammatical error in Amollo’s tweet.

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