The Two Types of Campus Girlfriends Around


There seem to be two types of girlfriends for a lot of guys – girlfriends for public consumption, and girlfriends for private consumption. The one for public consumption is the one who everyone knows as your girlfriend – she’s from a good family, she’s educated, is beautiful, has class, corporate background, etc. She may not satisfy you in many other ways (e.g. weak chaw, ever busy, overly pretentious and superficial, etc) but she’s a trophy and everyone praises you for dating a girl like that. She is the one you’ll typically be seen in public with. Then there is the private girlfriend. This one may not be so beautiful. She may not have class. She may look cheap. She’s ‘local’. She’s probably a waitress or barmaid you met somewhere and she barely speaks English. But she’s a FREAK in the sheets! And treats you with respect. She is also not very demanding and is very easy to manage. Plus, she is not a drain on your wallet and does not require to be taken to trendy, ‘high-class’ places to be happy. She has never heard of ‘Blankets & Wine’ nor cares for such vapid socialite gatherings aimed at the pretenders of Nairobi. Sadly, as much as you may like this girl, you can’t be caught dead in public with her. People will diss you, and tell you how disappointed they are. They will lecture you about how you can ‘do better’. Whenever she asks when she will meet your friends, you come up with excuses. Hahahahaha.

So you end up dating the girl who society has deemed right for you, even though she makes you miserable. And the girl who you genuinely feel comfortable with ends up remaining your deep, dark secret that not even your friends can know about. You meet her only in seedy pubs where you think no one can find you – or you meet inside your respective homes. No one can know you even associate with this woman.

How sad.

Of course, the best case scenario is for you to find one who is an all-rounder – i.e. has beauty, class, but also respects you, is down to earth, and freaks you in bed. One you can proudly flaunt to your friends, but will also terrorize you between the sheets. Those ones are there… but they are very few indeed .

If you happen to be dating a local girl purely for private consumption, don’t be ashamed. Many guys are stuck with boring high-end princesses. At the end of the day, don’t let others dictate who you should date. They’re not the ones who are going to live your life for you.

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