How my girlfriend caught me sneaking through her phone


It all started when she was texting nonstop for the past one week, curiosity was killing me not because of her texting but the expression on her face every time she picked up her phone to text for this was not her usual texting

With her innumerable WhatsApp contacts and groups no these were not her girls she was texting to me this was a new entity, an intruder in my already crowded space and my feeling was this intruder was not curvy rather a bearded human being, a competitor.

As for we dudes l didn’t want to ask l wanted to find out on my own though we had agreed to respect each other’s privacy. I waited for that moment she had to go shower and get ready for her lectures when l saw her grab the towel head to the shower’s my heart went racing for the phone which was blinking nonstop.

There l landed on her phone l smiled, it had no patterns or password my eyes went straight to her chats hope you know how babes phones are interesting l kept on reading and forgot that l was busy on my babes phone. It was after an hour that l realized the water in the showers had stopped flowing.

l looked up and there she was looking at me l smiled for l knew my girlfriend was not a mukiga for she could have jumped on to my neck but this time l was ashamed to look at her for l had lucked faith and trust in her the room was silent for the next week’s me seeking for apologies

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