Why The HandOut Culture Is Spoiling University Students In Uganda?


Today I went to Kyambogo University to get my Academic Documents certified. I got to campus three hours earlier than I should. In order to kill time, I went to the University Library.

I got to the Economics Section and picked up a book about “why less aid could mean more for Africa.” That’s when it hit me hard that I was the odd man out. An alien in a sea of human beings.

Every other student was busy reading their handout. Yes, either summarizing the handout or trying to learn its contents by rot.

An hour later, I got a philosophy book and the situation had not changed. Not more than 5 students were reading the books in the library, everyone was pulled into their handout.

I found this very disturbing. Whereas I acknowledge that the library is a quiet place that would be great for revising. The major purpose of a library is the gazillion of knowledge contained in the books it holds. And if students come to the library and don’t bother to check out any of the books, then it speaks a lot about the reading culture.

Of course some students who knew me came forward to inquire what I was doing at campus. “Engineer, are you doing another course?” They asked.

“No, I am reading for fun as you read for marks. Isn’t life sweet?” I asked with sarcasm.

I think lecturers should do University students a favour and stop giving them handouts. They are doing more harm than good.

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