Advice For Fresh Graduates: How To Be A Star At Your Workplace


1. It is possible to do everything exactly as your boss prescribed and still get blamed – and sacked – for it.
2. It is dangerous to spend six months on a role without learning anything new. It does not matter how much you’re being paid to be a mammoth.
3. If you must date someone in the office, please, God, never in the same department as you. God.
4. There are two ways to do things: the smart way, or the office-prescribed process. The smart way has fewer spreadsheets.
5. The worst thing you can ever be in the office is ‘yourself’. Everybody’s acting. Don a persona.
6. Never do a bad job, not even when it’s pro bono. It may turn out to be the first contact for someone and you won’t be there to give context.
7. Do not be intimidated by people smarter than you. Sit in their midst and shut up. Shut up and listen. Contribute later.
8. It’s possible to whip yourself into a tense mess learning a new skill, only to find yourself ‘getting it’, passively, months later.
9. For introverts at the workplace: it is better to come across as a condescending snob than as a shy greenhorn.
10. It is okay to yell at work, despite what people say. Just ensure you are always on the right side and that you make up immediately after
11. If you are young and manage a team older than you, you have to work extra hard to become the one with the answers. Not easy, but worth it
12. I have worked with people who led by charismatic persuasion and people who led by hypertensive yelling. Charismatic persuasion wins.
13. Even when you are the smallest team player, treat your role as though you were managing a project.
14. You do yourself, and your company, a disservice when you do not rest. You will never be performing at peak efficiency.
15. Have a hobby outside of work. No matter how much you ‘love’ your job. Please. For God’s sake. Please.
16. Try, as quickly as possible, to ensure your ‘average’ is as good as, or better than, most people’s ‘good’. I’ll explain in another tweet.
17. You won’t always be working in full capacity. Your above-the-bar baseline will ensure your work does not suffer much.
18. Your work ethic should be a balance between actual work and the presentation of said work. You must be your own PR guy.
19. The key to being a successful employee is in making your employers think they came up with the great ideas. With a little help from you.
20. Always welcome the opportunity to learn something new even if it’s an addition to your responsibility
21. When you start out, you will have no experience. You will make seemingly huge mistakes. Being passionate and eager will cover your sins.
22. You should always be loyal to your employers in your first few jobs. It builds character. After that, look out for number one. That’s you.

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