Amos Njeru-Tecno Spark

Why The New Tecno SPARK Is The Best Phone For Campus Students.

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A few weeks ago,Tecno Mobile launched the Tecno Spark into the Kenyan Market.The new Tecno Spark is said to be Tecno’s Gadget for the youth in 2017.True to the narrative,the new Tecno Spark, i would say, is the most ideal phone for Campus students not only in Kenya but even in other African markets.Here are my reasons:

1.Pricing-The new Tecno Spark is definitely giving real value for less.The fact that it Goes for only Ksh.9,999 the new Spark is obviously affordable to most Campus Students who need an upgrade or just need a hold of the gadget.

2.Impressive Camera-The camera output of the Spark is amazing!The Spark comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera both with flash and shoots amazing quality photos.

3.Design And Battery-The Spark has a classic look with the back design giving an iPhone 7 plus look.Its quite slim and despite the fact that it has a plastic back cover the elegance is outstanding.The battery is 3000mAh meaning it can serve you for 15 hours when on heavy usage and a whole day when on basic usage.This is far better compared to other devices that brag of the 3000mAh battery.

Amos Njeru-Tecno Spark

Having used the phone for sometime i am convinced,the New Spark is one of the Most economical and efficient phone a campus student can own in 2017.

The device is exclusively available on Kilimall,get yourself one!

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