Exams are fast approaching and lets face it, it’s a bit overwhelming thinking about where and how to start your revision whether you were an active student during the semester or not. The semester commenced two months ago and now it’s exam time, seriously where does the time go? Anyway, below are a few tips to help you skip the panic and jump straight to your revision;

1. Create your own study guide.

The best way to create a study guide is to first check your exam timetable and make sure that your selected course/unit aligns with the exams order in your timetable. You don’t want to start revising for your last exam first especially now that you’re studying against time.

2. Practice active learning.

Active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing. This could mean using graphs to explain logic, using mnemonics and even using knowledge applied in a different courses that are related.

3. Organize a group study session.

Make group discussions your friend. These kind of discussions help stimulate reflective thinking among students as well as boost your ability to remember information. For a successful group discussion, make sure that you have at least basic knowledge regarding the subject matter. Participation is also key in a successful group discussion.

4. Practice on old exams.

Old exams give you an overview of what is expected from you by the examiner as well as give you more insight on which parts of the course are mostly tested and which ones are not. That doesn’t mean that you don’t cover the whole course syllabus altogether. Practising on old exams can also help you time your speed, rather the speed you’ll take to complete your actual exam.


5. Stay well rested.

Try to get enough sleep in order to boost your memory. Over-studying without getting rest will leave your brain exhausted and chances are you won’t remember the exam content. Also, staying hydrated as important as getting well rested.

Following the given tips to the letter is enough guarantee that you’ll ace your finals. Wishing you all the best in your exams.


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