It’s a bay girl; Emotional Sonko applauds her daughter who delivered baby girl today

Mike Mbuvi Sonko has today officially became the newest grandfather in town following successful delivery of her daughter.

Saumu Mbuvi who had recently parted ways with her boyfriend due to “unreconcilable differents” delivered today at Nairobi Hospital.

Speaking after receiving the news, the Senator said he was “proud of her daughter” adding that he supports her daughter.

“My daughter I love you, I love your daughter, she is my granddaughter. It is a normal part of life on what you have undergone,’ Said the emotional Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

“She is my daughter, she is my blood and blogs should give me a break. My wife gave birth to Saumu when I was in form three. So it is normal in life.”

Sonko further added that he would forgive and accept back the father of the child.

“He messed up with my daughter and maybe one day he will come and ask for forgiveness,” the Nairobi Senators said. “If God forgives, Jesus forgives, who is Sonko not to forgive!”

Saumu sends message to her daughter

Ben Gatu, Saumu’s ex-boyfriend welcomed his daughter in the world saying that he looks forward holding her, loving and cherishing her.

“Before you even entered the world, you were anticipated, loved, cherished, and wanted. Now that I can hold you in my arms, those feelings have multiplied tenfold.

“I look at you with complete wonder, melt with each coo you make, and fall deeper in love when you rest your tiny head on my hands. You are actually ours – our perfect gift from God — a precious life whom He has trusted to our care.

May the Almighty give us the wisdom to bring you up to be a God fearing daughter with favour before both God and people.”


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