Couch by day, bed at night; incredible technology idea to save space at home

Technology is currently driving the economy, from office and learning software’s, self-driven vehicles, robots just to name a few.

Technology has now fully been incorporated at our homes with beds, sofas and even tables becoming the receiver of great ideas.

We all know about hidden wall beds and transforming furniture, but what happens when you combine the two?

By day these space-saving hideaway beds are subtle, tucking back into walls and leaving simple shelves and sofas behind to make their presence all the more invisible.

Image result for sofa set that converts to bed

By night they are full-fledged bedroom furniture – often still including storage space and other functions.

Some of these BonBon all-in-one bed designs are incredibly crafty, requiring multiple operational moves to convert them from one position to another – but, as a result, they look completely natural in either configuration.


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