Ennsvalley Bakery ltd lifts blame on Nakumatt

Ennsvalley Bakery Limited has lifted the blame on Nakumatt and owned up to a postdated loaf of bread that was bought by a customer at a Nakumatt supermarket outlet which ignited public outrage online.

Through bakeries official statement, the general manager noted that the error was a result of the auto-programming error on dates.

“We would like to clarify that the letter posted by Nakumatt Holdings on 19th Sept. 2016 that carried erroneous dates originated from Ennsvalley Bakery. We pride ourselves in the production of fresh and quality baked products which we have endeavoured to do over the years. Please see below the amended letter.” the Bakery announced through its social media.

The multi-grain loaf of bread was bought by a consumer on Sunday (September 18), but its label indicated that it was packed on Monday (September 19) and would expire on Thursday (September 20).

The bakery, which is a sub-tenant in the supermarket’s outlets, issued a clarification on Monday acknowledging that the bread was baked on Sunday at 8:30am, but the packaging date was erroneously indicated as Monday.

“The date of manufacture was erroneously printed as 19/9/16. The labelling machine was set on auto mode and this contained a programming error. Thie was detected after the sale of twelve (12) loaves of bread. The complaint/matter has been heavily circulated on social media, with much of the blame erroneously attributed to Nakumatt,” read part of the statement.

“We would like to affirm that Ennsvalley Bakery Ltd is operationally responsible for Nakumatt’s bakeries in the Nairobi area, including Nakumatt Mega, and that all bread baked at the outlet is freshly baked. Furthermore, we have sent out technical teams to urgently check and, where applicable, correct all labelling machines. We will continue to work with all parties involved to ensure this error does not occur,” another part of the statement read.

The bakery apologized for the error and promised to sort out the error to avoid any future embarrassment.

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