Eyes’ implication on one’s personality

The moment you interact with someone, you look into the eyes. Eyes are most expressive element of personality, tell a lot about you and are considered mirror of the soul. It could be very interesting to know  light and fun look at what the shapecolor and ‘look’ of your eyes actually say about you.

Almond Shaped Eyes


Almond-eyed persons are self-discipline and know how to manage their urges. This shape is considered out of the ordinary because it conveys a sense of secrecy. These people are sensitive, warm and control over emotions. They are more capable of common sense.


Round Shaped Eyes


The round eye is highly curved upper and lower lids. They are emotional, speak their minds easily, intense mood swings and tend to be dramatic. They are usually quite eye-catching to the opposite sex, sociable, impulsive, artistic, charming and creative to be happy.


Closed Set Eyes


These people have a very powerful ability to focus and hates to be disturbed but they get easily become stressed as a result. They love to know things in depth, even if you are telling a story. People with small eye distance may find it very hard to tolerate temperature changes, traffic jams and external influences. They are with very low tolerance which in turn results in making them angry more often.


Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes have more distance between the two eye set.  If the distance between to eye set is more than one eye is considered to be wide eye set. People with wide-set eyes are usually adjustable, flexible and tolerant with their broad perspective of life. They are innovative thinkers and appreciate other things of life too.


Hooded Eyes

PhotoThey are always happy to help others without having thought of anything in return and don’t stress over details. They think everyone is happy in this world , whereas other are actualy worried in their life, this results them a negative thought in professional life. 



Deep Set Eyes 

People with deep-set eyes are intense, observant and progressive. They like creative work and are usually found into creative and writing fields. They like to observe things around them very easily and build conclusions about it.

Prominent Eyes

These people interact with friendly and kind heart and are always happy.

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes people are very energetic and like to take part in every activity. If you ignore them then they might get hurt and start hating you.

Big Eyes

Big eyes personalities are very open-minded, with endless scholarly curiosity. You always have bright ideas that make you well suited to be a creative person. Your eyes reflect a warm, sympathetic and romantic nature and are generally considered more favorable,  and intelligence.

Small Eyes

You are extremely watchful to details and what is happening around you which may also indicate a perfectionist and attentive person. If you have small healthy and clear eyes, indicate far sighted vision, a sharp mind so far as it goes and known as skilled person.

Downward Slanting Eye

The people with this kind of eye are just the converse in that the outside corner of the eye is lower than the inward corner. These persons are more prone to pessimism and discouragement. A dedicated lover – joyously lets colleague to override.

Upward Slanting Eyes

If your outer corner of an eye is higher than the inner corner, then this is an upward eye and may be referred to as cat’s eyes. These persons are usually optimistic, curious and determined. They can rapidly location an opportunity and are often entertaining and quick-witted. The upward slanting eyes display an opportunistic individual and somebody who gets what he wants.

Brown Eyes

The brown eye color is much common and people who have that are considered as attractive, confident and adorable. They are independent people who love to make new friends, are polite and caring. They can cheer people up and make them laugh. They have affectionate nature and care very much about their family. Also an important feature of brown eyed people is that they are self confident and very determined, persevering people. They are nature lovers, spiritual and can be very strong headed at times.

Blue Eyes 

It’s a happy fact about blue eyes people that they are very desirable, youthful and tend to have long relationships. They are peaceful, smart and possess a good power of observation.

Green Eyes

Green eyes people are intelligent but hard to understand and are often considered as having a certain mystery in them. People with green eyes are found to be mostly curious by nature and are intelligent. They are passionate and understand relation well.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes people are wise and gentle individuals and are the least aggressive. They have enough sensitivity, a flexible attitude and their inner strength.

Hazel Eyes

These people are elegant, patient, mannerly, sweet-natured and faithful. They do not hesitate to try out new things because they are independent and courageous people and ready to accept the challenges.

Red and bloody Eyes

Red and bloody eyed people looks extremely bad temper, it means they have too much fire in their chest cavity. The solution to reduce the this fire is to drink lots of water and get sufficient sleep.

 Drooping Eyelids

These people look sleepy even if they are wide-awake. Their eyes are not only small, but their eyes lids close together and look like a sleepy.

Black Eyes

Black eyed people are often considered as honest and responsible. They don’t reveal much about themselves and are very secretive people but known to be passionate and lively as well.


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