KRA to invalidate PINS not migrated to iTax by August 31st

Kenya Revenue Authority has warned the public that all Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for the KRA pin holders who have failed to migrate them to iTax or failed file their tax returns will have their accounts deactivated.

In press release to the media and the public in general, KRA noted that despite various campaign urging the people to act accordingly only few did and some of them are not even filing their returns.

“As of July 2017, KRA has noted that there are taxpayers who have not migrated their PINs into iTax while other taxpayers who are already in iTax are either not filling or those in active business are filing nil or no returns at all,’ read the statement in part.

“In this regard, all PINs failing nder those categories will be inactive in the iTax Platform.”

“KRA therefore notifies the general public that those who have not updated their PINs on iTax should do so 31st August 2017 and commence filing immediately.”

“Taxpayers who have not filed any tax return form the last three months will be considered as not trading and their PINs rendered inactive”

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