Sonko to become a grandfather, Saumu reveals pregnancy

They say that a picture speaks a million words, but Saumu Mbuvi, the picture was only to help her speak a million words.

And now, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, is on the verge of welcoming a grandchild soonest possible.

This comes after her firstborn daughter, Saumu, revealed that he is indeed pregnant.

A week before, Saumuhad shared a marriage dream on social media.

“I want a marriage, not just a wedding. I want a family, not just babies. I want a home, not just a house. I want a future and that’s what I see in you.”

Through her Instagram account, she showed off her baby bump, adding that she was not alone. “There we go…just the two of us #blessingsonblessings”

“There we go…just the two of us #blessingsonblessings,” she caption under the photo.

Saumu is dating a lawyer, Benson Gatu, who seems to have been fully welcomed into the family.

Saumu Gatu in school back in 2013 and the first sight love led to serious relationship, and now the much-awaited gift.


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