Woman takes hot water to bar, pours it on lover after suspecting cheating

A woman carried hot water to a bar and poured it on her boyfriend’s chest on suspicion that he was cheating. Peter Waithaka is said to have engaged in a row with Leah Nyambara at Kang’oo shopping centre in Gatundu North on March 10.

“Nyambara found me taking my beer at a local bar and started shouting at me. I asked her to leave me alone but as I took more beer with my friends, she went to her house, boiled water and put it in a thermos then returned to where we were,” said Waithaka.

“She splashed the water on my chest unexpectedly. She suspects that I have another girlfriend. That is what prompted the row.”

Waithaka, who spoke to journalists outside his house on Sunday, said he regained consciousness at Igegania Level 4 Hospital and was admitted for three days. He said his girlfriend went into hiding after she was confronted by a lynch mob.

Resident John Mwangi said: “The young lady is a no-go zone. They always fight but this incident was extreme. She should continue hiding because we will not allow her to reside in our peaceful village.”

Waithaka reported the incident to Mwea police officers. He said he wants action taken against the grocery store owner so that she does not cause any more harm.

He also wants her to pay damages and take care of his medical expenses.

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