About Us

The Kenyatta University Directorate of Mentoring Programme rolled on 21st June, 2006 when the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda appointed a committee to facilitate the start of a coordinated University Mentoring Programme, targeting all newly admitted first year students, from all disciplines, every year. Among other achievements, the Vice-Chancellor expected that the programme will help first year students to settle down faster in the university life, as well as make informed decisions concerning their social life and career achievement, early in their university life in Kenyatta University. It was also envisaged that mentored students would lead a more fulfilled life while in Kenyatta University and beyond.

The programme is coordinated by a Director, Dr. Philomena W. Ndambuki from the Department of Educational Psychology. Staff mentors are drawn from full time members of academic staff in all disciplines, schools and departments, as well as University Senior Administrators.