Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dr Daniel Muthee



Welcome to Kenyatta University Mentoring Programme. This Directorate was established in 2006 as a University support system for the largely young students transitioning from high school to university and seeking better opportunities. The challenges that face modern day university students make them vulnerable. It is with this in mind that the Directorate hopes to inculcate wholistic values and life skills which could act as a strong foundation and lifeline for the young scholars.

This is achieved through:

  • Connecting the students to suitable mentors in the University and industry.
  • Training peer mentors among the senior students.
  • Enhancing leadership skills through the leadership programme
  • Encouraging students to participate in the University “Nyumba Kumi” initiative as a way of being your brother’s/sister’s keeper as a mentoring support system.

Our programme’s overall aim is “To provide Kenyatta University students with a supportive environment and open up opportunities that will motivate and assist them to develop their maximum personal and academic potential.”

Our mandate is to enable all Kenyatta University students to achieve the highest level of personal, academic, social and leadership skills to become well balanced achievers in all areas of their lives.

Our slogan is A problem shared is half solved.”

As you read through our webpage, we will appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions.

Thank you