Mission & Vision


To be the best provider of mentoring support to all present and future Kenyatta University community and through this to humanity the world over.


To provide social, academic, emotional, moral and career support to Kenyatta University students to ensure success here and in the world of work.

Identity Statement

Kenyatta University Mentoring Programmes comprises of staff and students working together in harmony to promote the best societal values and practices for a better future.

Core Values

  • Care
  • Approachable
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellence
  • Team work
  • Honesty/Integrity and
  • Respect for diversity
  • Timeliness

Programme Objectives

  • To assist students successfully transition from secondary school education to the university and beyond.
  • To provide a continuous source of information and guidance for the students, from mature and experienced mentors.
  • To guide Kenyatta University students to become greater and more successful during their university life and after.
  • To encourage self- discipline, social integration, personal growth and academic development through cooperative partnership between and among mentors and mentees.
  • To inculcate life and leadership skills to Kenyatta University students in line with the University core value of service to humanity.
  • To enhance social and economic opportunities among the students by connecting them with staff and successful mentors in the industry.