Staff to Students Mentorship

This programme was launched in June 2006. It entails students in all disciplines and years of study being assigned staff mentors to mentor them. The mentors help students in all aspects of their life so that they can make informed decisions in their academic, social and career life. Staff mentors are drawn from full time members of academic staff in all disciplines, as well as University Senior Administrators. Over 20,000 students have benefited from the Mentoring Programme. Currently, the programme has 306 staff mentors attending to over 4,000 mentees.

Through the mentoring process, mentors share experiences with their mentees and assist them on one to one relationship to make informed decisions and choices related to academic, career, social and personal goals. The process is guided by a well stipulated mentoring Policy and Code of Conduct and Ethics. There is also a manual, Guidelines for staff mentors, which gives suggestions and simple guidelines for mentors to follow in the process of mentoring. As the policy dictates, there are regular capacity building seminars for all staff mentors.

The Mentoring Programme does not charge any fee for students to get mentors and the only requirement is two pass port sized photos and filling mentee forms and immediately one is assigned a mentor. For one to qualify as a staff mentor, one must either be an academic staff member with a PF No or a Senior Administrator working closely with students.