Kenyatta University will be hosting her 1st National Conference  on Cancer Management. The conference will  take place at Kenyatta University Amphitheatre, Nairobi, Kenya from 15th -17th,  August 2018. The theme  of the conference is:

The Fight Against Cancer, Where Are We?

The 1st Kenyatta University National Conference on cancer provides an opportunity for stakeholders and cancer management practitioners in Kenya to come together and share their experiences, challenges and lessons learnt in the course of managing cancer that is now the third leading cause of death in Kenya after infectious and cardiovascular diseases. The conference will be instrumental in measuring Kenya’s performance and progress in the management of cancer.

In addition to sharing lessons and good practices, the national conference will take stock of the country’s progress in developing the national capacity; strengthening of County level systems and engagements in creating awareness and early diagnosis and thus contribute to the global fight against cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 70 percent of cancer related deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. It further estimates that 8.2 million people die annually of cancer globally and the numbers are expected to triple by the year 2030. In Africa, 450,000 people die of cancer annually and it is projected the number will rise to 1 million annually by 2030.

In Kenya, in 2012, there were an estimated 37,000 new cancer cases and 28,500 cancer related deaths. This is despite knowledge from WHO that the most common cancers in Africa are treatable, including breast, cervical and prostate tumors. The National Cancer Control Strategy (2017-2022), National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases (2015-2020) and the Kenya Vision 2030 all outline a framework for action through five strategic pillars: Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Screening; Diagnosis, Registration, and Surveillance; Treatment, Palliative Care and Survivorship; Coordination, Partnership, and Financing; and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research.

Kenyatta University in recognition of the heavy burden on the few health facilities that have cancer management capabilities, is set to inaugurate a Center of Excellence in Cancer Management at the new state-of-the-art 600-bed Kenyatta University Hospital (KUH). The Center will host a Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) with a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan facility and a radioisotope-manufacturing unit. It is envisaged that the KUH services to cancer patients will contribute immensely towards the provision of universal healthcare for all Kenyans as outlined in one of the President’s four, 5-years development pillars (Health) and will contribute substantially towards re-routing medical services provision the country.

The conference aims to:

  1. Enhance awareness on the national cancer burden and its implications on socio economic development goals.
  2. Showcase emerging infrastructural development and human capacity building in cancer management.
  3. Identify gaps and opportunities for further investment on cancer management.
  4. Contribute immensely towards the coordinated national and regional efforts on interventions for early detection and treatment of cancer.
  5. Initiate an inter-institutional dialogue on national, regional and international innovations and novel ideas for cancer management.
  6. Share experiences and successes in cancer management from elsewhere.


The three-day conference is in response to the rising cancer problem in Kenya. It is aligned to the World Cancer Day 2018 theme, “We can. I can,” and will highlight actions and efforts by individuals, organizations, communities and the government in the fight against cancer. It will provide a forum to reflect and dialogue on the status of cancer management in Kenya. Delegates and stakeholders from public and private sectors who deal with cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, advocacy and research at national, regional and international levels will participate. The conference will be organized under the following sub-themes:
I. Cancer and Public Health

  • Policy and practice
  • Health economics and finance
  •  Awareness, advocacy and promotion

II. Cancer Diagnostics

  •  Resources – facilities and personnel
  • Training and capacity development
  • Novel technologies

III. Cancer Treatment and Support

  • Conventional therapeutic approaches
  • Traditional therapeutic approaches
  • Supportive approaches

IV. Cancer Research

Key Note Speakers
The conference will bring together panelists of local, regional and international repute and institutions dealing with cancer management in the country.

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