Nairobi is situated at 1°17′S 36°49′E in South-Central Kenya, 140 Kilometers ( 87 miles) south of the Equator. It is surrounded by 113 km² ( 70 mi²) of plains, cliffs and forest that makes up the city’s Nairobi National Park. It is adjacent to the eastern edge of the Rift Valley, and to the west of the city, are The Ngong Hills. Mount Kenya is situated north of Nairobi, and Mount Kilimanjaro is towards the south-east.

It is the most populous city in East Africa, with a current estimated population of about 3.5 million. This makes it the 14th largest city in Africa.
Being Kenya’s capital, and the arrival point for many visitors, it is well served by international airlines, and a regional road network linking it to other major East African urban centers. Railways link Nairobi toMombasa, Kenya ‘s second largest city located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and Kisumu, the third largest city, located on the shores of Lake Victoria.
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