Psychoactive drugs continue to have significant health, social and economic consequences on individuals, families and communities. Due to this reality, the  fight against drug abuse continues  in earnest at the global , regional and national level. There is increasing evidence to suggest that for  problems of drug abuse  to be  effectively addressed, there is need for  different stakeholders to participate in a synergetic way as well as   apply evidence- based practices  in prevention and treatment of drug/substance related disorders. Currently the fight against drug abuse seems  relegated to a few disciplines mainly,   health and allied disciplines, as well as to a  few sectors such as health and national drug agencies. There is need for a paradigm shift in order to bring on board more disciplines and sectors of the economy to build synergy towards enhanced  prevention and treatment of Substance use disorders(SUDs) .In view of this Kenyatta University in line with its philosophy of responsiveness to societal needs,  together with key stakeholders,  have organized the first regional  multidisciplinary, multisectoral  conference on drug demand reduction and supply suppression to be held at Kenyatta University, Kenya.

Call for Abstracts