Dr. Githae2019 Dr. Eunice Githae from the department of Psychology has won a research grant from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to the tune of USD 20,000 for the project titled Gender outcomes in using Brief Motivational Interventions (BMIs) on Shaping Beliefs and Attitudes towards Doping for Athletes in Secondary Schools. Dr. Githae seeks to  explore gender disparity in psychological factors that influence choices in use, or lack of use, of performance enhancing drugs among athletes in Kenya; strengthen skills that build resiliency in anti-doping decision making among youth; capacity build game teachers and the school community members in the integration of anti-doping education during games training programmes; and develop an evidence-based and contextually sensitive model for school-based anti-doping education intervention.  Dr. Githae approach will entail utilizing athlete-centered’ techniques in prevention of doping this will facilitate evidence-based research which will further inform policy and future interventions