Welcome to the School of Agriculture & Enterprise Development

Welcome to the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED), one of the youngest but fast growing Schools in the     University, having been established four years ago to offer unique training in agriculture with emphasizes on agriculture  as a business. Through this webpage we hope to give you a virtual tour of the academic programs we are currently offering in the school and students experience.
Our current thrust is to prepare competent future leaders in agricultural sciences, agribusiness and agricultural resource management.

The school has three Departments; Agricultural Resources Management (ARM), Agricultural Science and Technology (AST) and Agribusiness Management and Trade (ABMT) under which seven Bachelor of Science Programmes are offered.

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News and Events


The School of Agriculture hosted a Diversifying food systems workshop organized jointly with Humboldt University, in Berlin, Germany from 4 - 12 September 2014. September passed in the spirit of healthy and nutritious African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) at Kenyatta University Conference Centre. Under the aegis of an international research project Horticultural Innovations and Learning for Improved Nutrition and Livelihood in East Africa” (HORTINLEA), Read More....

AGRA International Conference

Kenyatta University-AGRA International Conference on building a new generation of agricultural scientists was held on 1st- 5th December, 2014 at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.The conference was organized by the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development,Kenyatta University. The theme of the conference was "Bridging the gap between Society,Science and Industry".......Read More....

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Establishment of the School Farm

The School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development has established a farm on a land area of 11.5 acres situated across Thika Superhighway from Kenyatta University Main Campus. It is a mixed farm having both crops and animals. Read More..........


“It was truly an honor and unforgettable. President Obama is awesome and approachable. It was a humbling experience to meet and listen to this great man who is an exemplary achiever in life....

KILONZOFrancis m. Kilonzo.
BSc. Agribusiness management Fourth year second semester

“I got a chance to shake President Obama’s hand which until his visit was truly a next to impossible experience for me. That alone made me feel like a leader. Meeting the U.S President ....

CHACHAJeremiah kitheka
Bsc. Agribusiness management Fourth year second semester

I am very grateful to KU for the opportunity to participate in the Student Exchange Program through the HAAGRIM Intra-ACP (Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Programme) mobility scheme where I was placed in the University of Mauritius for six (6) months. The exchange program...

JEREMIAH Amos Chacha
Msc. In agribusiness management

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