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Accounting and Finance


The department offers an exceptionally wide and unique range of market driven programmes both at graduate and undergraduate levels.  These programmes are constantly reviewed to reflect the ever dynamic business environment.  By undertaking our programmes you are assured of obtaining a marketable degree that reflects the breadth and depth of the school and our global reputation.  Our students graduates with specialize in Accounting and Finance option.


The department offers services alongside the other departments in business and management.  The degrees are offered by coursework, examination and thesis or coursework, examination and project.  These courses are very popular particularly with mature students and attracts very many student including foreign students.   In the first and second semesters, students are required to take core units while in the third semester students are required to take specialized units.


The department services all the students enrolled for the degree of Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, Bachelor of Economics and Finance, and students of Industrial Chemistry with Management.
Undergraduate student enrolled in the department is well over 8,000 students at full capacity.

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