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Annual Postgraduate Seminar : Key Note Address


Mr. Manases Miruka, the Project Manager, Wadhwani Foundation Making Key Note Speech During the Schools Annual Postgraduate Seminar on 20th July 2017


In his address, Mr. Miruka informed the participants that Wadhwani Foundation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, which supports National Entrepreneurship economic development through ‘Job creation’- Entrepreneurship & SME development (NEN); and ‘Job fulfilment’ - Skills and Vocational development. The foundation does this by mainstreaming entrepreneurship in education for national impact and by supporting start-ups and SMEs to grow their companies. He explained further that the organization supports students to generate ideas that are nurtured in the course of their studies by mentors in academics and industry aimed at creating new entrepreneurial ventures.

In relating the presentations to the theme of the seminar, “Scaling up the Economy through Research”. He expressed his opinion that higher educational institutions must develop students who can fend for themselves by running business enterprises. He informed the participants that already Kenyatta University is working with Wadhwani Foundation in an effort to promote small and medium micro- enterprises. He informed them further that the aim of the existing memorandum of understanding between Kenyatta University and Wadhwani Foundation is to leverage the learning of entrepreneurship with practical knowledge. He reiterated the fact that Wadhwani Foundation creates the capacity of young people to enter into entrepreneurship and they need mentors who will help them acquire entrepreneurial skills. With the help by Wadhwani Foundation, young business entrepreneurs are assisted to have the creativity that enables them learn and enter into business.

He also informed the participants that in order to be successful, you must find out what you want to achieve.

In conclusion, he told the participants that entrepreneurship is about value creation and creating jobs.

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