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Name:Dr. Job Omagwa
Department/Unit/Section: Accounting and Finance
Contact Address: P.O. Box 70349 00400
Position: Lecturer

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Dr. Job Omagwa holds a PhD (Finance) and MBA (Finance) degrees from the University of Nairobi and a BBA (Accounting and Management- Magna Cum Laude) degree from University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. Dr. Omagwa has extensive experience in Banking practice, Operations Management and Lectureship at the University Level.

Currently, Dr. Omagwa is the Examinations Coordinator for Kenyatta University Nyeri campus where he also served as the Postgraduate Coordinator for the campus. He has also served in several departmental committees (relating to review of academic programmes) in the Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business, Kenyatta University.

Dr. Omagwa served as the Head of Credit/Advances at Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited (Murang’a Branch) in the period 2005-2006 besides serving as an Operations Officer at Dubai Bank Kenya Limited in year 2006. He also has experience in Corporate Management with Doshi Group of Companies where he served as the Operations Coordinator for the 6 Companies forming the Doshi Group in year 2007.

Dr. Omagwa has more than ten (10) years of Lectureship experience at the University Level where he has been actively participating in teaching BCom, BBA, MBA and MSc programmes in Accounting and Finance i.e at the postgraduate and undergraduate level with several Universities in Kenya including: Kenyatta University, Daystar University, Kenya Methodist University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, St. Paul’s University, Riara University and Kenya School of Professional Studies. Dr. Omagwa has equally participated in curriculum development in some of the Universities.

Dr. Omagwa equally has extensive experience in research. He has successfully supervised more than seventy (70) postgraduate students in MBA (Finance) Projects, MBA (Finance) Thesis, MBA (Finance) Dissertations and PhD (Finance) theses for Kenyatta University, Daystar University, St. Paul’s University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

In addition, Dr. Omagwa has published several academic literature papers and empirical work in refereed journals besides presenting papers in several international conferences. Dr. Omagwa is currently serving as an external examiner at Technical University of Mombasa besides having internally examined several MBA (Finance) Projects, MSc (Finance) theses and PhD (Finance) theses for Department of Accounting and Finance of Kenyatta University. Dr. Omagwa’s areas of interest include: Banking, Real EstateFinance, Public Finance and Personal Finance.


Edwin Mutura & Job Omagwa (2017) Challenges associated with Adoption of Agency Banking and Bank Performance: A Case of Selected Commercial Banks in Kenya. Journal of Business and Management- Vol. 19, No.4 (2017)

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Job Omagwa,Lucy Wamugo,(2016), A Profile of Urban Owner-Occupied Residential Households’ Characteristics in Nairobi City County, Kenya,Developing Country Studies,ISSN 2224-607X,ISSN 2225-0565,Vol 6, No.7, 2016

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Job Omagwa and Josiah Aduda ,The Mediating Effect of Housing Search on the relationship between Demographics and Residential Housing Decisions amongst Apartment Households in Nairobi County, Kenya, Advances in Management & Applied Economics, vol. 5, no.4, 2015, 105-123,ISSN: 1792-7544 (print version), 1792-7552(online)Scienpress Ltd, 2015

 Job O. Omagwa1 and Josiah O. Aduda,The Influence of Demographics on Owner-Occupied Housing Decisions: A Case of Apartment Households in Nairobi County, Kenya Business & Entrepreneurship Journal, vol.4, no.1, 2015, 11-26,ISSN: 2241-3022 (print version), 2241-312X Scienpress Ltd, 2015



The 20th Annual International Management Conference (AIMC) and 3rd International Conference of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (ICOLASS) held on 8th-10th September 2015 in Kampala, Asymmetric Information, Demographics and Housing Decisions amongst Apartment Households in Nairobi County, Kenya, Uganda- Hosted by Makerere University Business School.

The 11th Operations Research and Enterprise Innovativeness in Emerging Markets (ORSEA) held on 1-2nd October2015 at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania- Conference hosted by University of Dar es Salaam School of Business.

Job Omagwa and Erasmus Kaijage,Asymmetric Information, Demographics, and Housing Decisions amongst Apartment Households in Nairobi County, Kenya

Makerere University, 2nd September 2015.

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