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Meeting with all MSc (Finance) students

This is to invite all Masters of Science (Finance) students for a meeting with the department of Accounting and Finance faculty on Wednesday, 28th May, 2014 at City Campus (Main hall on 5th floor) at 5.30 p.m.
The MSc(Finance) students will be taken through the Post-Coursework requirements of the program, including:-
• Submission of Thesis concept paper
• Assignment of supervisors
• Contact meetings with supervisors
• E- Supervision
• Proposal presentation/defense
• Fieldwork/data collection requirements
• Data analysis procedure
• Notice of submission of thesis
• Final defense/examination of thesis.
• The implication of TIME MANAGEMENT in the whole process.
Pleases be punctual,
Thank you.

Dr. Jagongo Ambrose
Coordinator, Postgraduate Studies,
Department of Accounting and Finance

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