Ttraining workshop on Academic Writing and Publishing

The Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies held a successful training workshop on academic writing and publishing on Friday the 27th Students and members of staff.The training was necessitated by the large number of Ph.D students (249) in the Department and the desire to enhance the quality of output from the epartment. The training was also held in preparation for the forthcoming 2nd organized by the same Department. Both students and academic members of staff are required to present papers during the said conference. Thus, the workshop was meant to enhance our capacity to write quality articles for presentation and publication.

The training workshop focused on:-

• Academic conferences

• Writing of abstracts

• Writing papers

• Making presentations

• Publishing

• Where to publish

The facilitators for the training were renowened scholars and researchers from the University who included Registrar (RIO), Dr. Vincent Onywera, Prof. Grace Bunyi and Prof. John Orodho

The workshop was attended by an overwhelming number of students and staff (150 and 30 respectively). After the workshop, the Departmental Chairman held a separate meeting with all the Ph.D students where issues related to PhD students’ academic progress were discussed.

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