Dr. Felicita Wanjiru Njuguna

Title/Qualifications: DR.
Department: Education Management Policy and Curriculum Studies
Contact Address: P. O. BOX 72091-00100 Nairobi
Tel.: 254-20-8710901/9 Ext 57221
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Lecturer and Director, KU-RCD
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Area of Specialization: Social Psychology in Education
Research Interests: Leadership, Management and Policy

Conference Presentations

  • Dr. Njuguna F. Cross-Border Higher Education in Africa: The Kenyan Experience Pretoria, South Africa September 25th -28th , 2012
  • Dr. Itegi F. Gender Based Violence In Educational Institutions And Its Impacts On Girls’ Education: A Comparative Study Of Selected Countries. Nairobi, Kenya August 26-28th 2012
  • Patrick Ogecha Nyagosia Factors Influencing Academic Achievement in Public Secondary Schools in Central Kenya: An Effective Schools’ Perspective- Nairobi, Kenya Feb. 2012
  • Makworo Impact of Child-Labour On Participation In Primary Schools: A Case Of Nyamira Division, Nyamira County, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya February, 2012
  • Dr. F. Njuguna Disaster Preparedness in Public Secondary Schools in Githunguri District, Kiambu County, Kenya: An Investigation- Nairobi, Kenya February, 2012
  • Dr. Florence Itegi Research in Institutions of Higher Education in Africa: Challenges and Prospects Nairobi Kenya February, 2012


  • Dr. Felicita Njuguna 2012 Leadership and Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya Book 978-3-8484-4304-8Dr. Felicita W. Njuguna and Florence Muthoni Itegi 2013 Cross – Border Higher Education in Africa: The Kenya Experience JETERAPS 4(5):752-759 2141-6990
  • Dr. Felicita Wanjiru Njuguna 2012-2013 Cultural Construction of Leadership Effectiveness in Kenya Secondary Schools: an Investigation JITBM & ARF 2304-0777
  • Dr. Florence M. Itegi and Dr. Felicita Njuguna 2013 Gender based violence in Educational Institutions and its Impact on Education: A comparative Study of Selected Countries RJOPES 2(5) 276-279 2276-8475
  • Patrick Ogecha Nyagosia1, Samuel N. Waweru2, Felicita W. Njuguna Oct. 2013 Factors Influencing Academic Achievement In Public Secondary Schools In Central Kenya: An Effective
    Schools’ Perspective EVEdEd.22E Educational Research International; Vol.2, No.2, ISSN-L: 2307-3713, ISSN: 2307-3721
  • Dr. Felicita Njuguna and Dr. Florence Itegi Research in Institutions of Higher Education in Africa: Challenges and Prospects European Scientific Journal; Dec. 2013/Special/ Vol..1 ISSN:1857-7881- Print; ISSN:1857-7431-online

Name of professional body

  • Educational Standards and Quality Assurance Council ( Chair)
  • County Educational Board; Muranga – Chair    Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK)
    Kenya Community of Practice ( Kcop)
  • UNESCO- (KNATCOM) Education committee of Experts
  • Gender Network of Universities in Africa (GENUA)
  • Africa Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM), Kenya Chapter
  • Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK)
  • Africa Network for internationalisation of Higher Education (ANIE)
  • Management Board of Member the Directorate of Teaching Excellence and Evaluation

Supervision of postgraduate students

  • Julia Komunga Assessment of Principals’ strategic Leadership on Effective Curriculum Supervision (PhD) PhD, Proposal
  • Joyce Kiruma An Exploration of The Impact of Academic Pursuit on Family Life Among Female Graduate Students Pursuing Self Sponsored Masters Degree Programs, in Selected Universities (PhD), Proposal
  • Mmbaka Boniface Shisakha Effectiveness of e-learning in Secondary School Curriculum. A case study of Secondary Schools in Nairobi City County, Kenya ( PhD) PhD, Proposal
  • Mwaniki Solom The impact of supervision by QASOs on education in public schools in Nairobi and Machakos Counties PhD, Proposal
  • Mary Gaturu Relationship between career plateau, turnover intentions, and decision to pursue post graduate studies among secondary school teachers in Kiambu and Muranga Counties PhD, Proposal
  • Grace Warui Kinyua Data Driven Decision Making (PhD) PhD, Proposal
  • Naom Ondicho PhD. Proposal
  • Mugo Peris Muthoni Factors that impact on the use of education management information systems: A case study Thika West Systems District, Kiambu County Masters, Final
  • Njunge Alfred Mburu Impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions among teachers in public secondary schools in Gatanga District, Muranga County, Kenya Masters, Final
  • Muriko Grace Lenah Factors affecting the utilization of ICT in the Administration of public secondary schools in Kiambu District, Kiambu County, Kenya Masters, project level
  • Lucy Mary Njoki Muchira Employment related problems facing teachers in private primary schools in Kenya: A case Study of Kirinyaga County. Masters, Proposal



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