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Workshop on GIS Applications in Hydrology and Water Resources Management:

The School of Engineering and Technology, Kenyatta University and Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering of the University of Natural Sciences and Life Sciences, Vienna are planning for a training workshop to be held at Kenyatta University from the 17 – 21 of February 2014. The workshop is a precursor to a project in the Mara River Basin of Kenya on ‘Exploring Water Resources Planning and Management Options’ led by Dr. Luke Olang and Prof. Josef Fürst.

mau forest

River Part of the Mara River Basin.

The workshop aims to build capacity on the applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) on Water Management. The workshop targets relevant post-graduate students and water resource experts from the various organizations in country to enable them explore and use spatial hydrological data and information towards decision support within the today vulnerable river basins of Kenya. Additional information of the workshop can be obtained from the school of Engineering and technology.

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