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Bachelor of Science Computer Science

The common regulations for all undergraduate degree programmes of Kenyatta University and the School  of  Engineering and Technology shall apply.
The programme comprises 16 units in the first level, 14 units in the second level, and 12 units each in the third and fourth levels.
1. To qualify for the award of a degree, a student shall satisfy all the university requirements pertaining to the
2. Students shall take all the units offered in the first, second and third levels of study.
3. At the end of third level, a student will undertake industrial attachment for a period of not less than 12 weeks. Industrial attachment will not be included for classification but the student will be required to obtain a pass in order to graduate.
4. In the fourth level a student shall take eight (8) core units including a project (equivalent to 2 units) and four (4) electives.
5. The department shall determine the choice of electives offered in any given semester.
Common University regulations shall apply.

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