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Dr. Fidelis N. Kilonzo

Name: Fidelis  N. Kilonzo
Civil Engineering
Contact Address:
43844-00100 Nairobi
Area of Specialization:
Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering
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Research focus

  • Pro-poor low cost Water supply and Sanitation technologies
  • Ecological sanitation
  • Climate change and water resources
  • Sustainable wastewater and solid waste Management


Conference Presentations

  • Improving model predictive capacity in poorly gauged catchments, Lake and catchment research conference (LARS2011) in Kenyatta University, Kenya 14th-18th March 2011
  • Use of constructed wetland for treatment of tannery wastewater, 4th Annual conference for dissemination of research results and exhibitions, 3-6 may 2011
  • Selecting a Potential Evapotranspiration method (PET) in the absence of Essential climatic input data, 2011 International SWAT Conference in Toledo, Spain on June 15-17 2011

Articles in refereed journals

  • Kilonzo F., F. O. Masese, A. Van Griensven, W. Bauwens, J. Obando, and P. N.L. Lens, (2013). Spatial-temporal variability in water quality and macro-invertebrate assemblages in the upper Mara river basin, Kenya, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C.
  • Kilonzo F., U. Mutwiwa, S. Mutua, and M. Waweru, (2012). Evaluating the use of Constructed Wetland in the Treatment of Tannery Wastewater, Kenya Science, Technology and Innovation Journal.
  • Kilonzo F., Van Griensven A., Obando J., and Bauwens W, (2012). Using Cluster and Averaging technique to improve model performance in data poor catchments, Centre International Capacity Development (CICD) Series (ISSN 1868-8578)
  • Van Griensven A., P. Ndomba, S. Yalew, and F. Kilonzo, (2012) Critical review of the application of SWAT in the upper Nile Basin countries. Hydrol. Earh Syst. Sci, 16, 3371-3381
  • Coetsiers, M., F. Kilonzo, and K. Walraevens; (2008). Hydrochemistry and source for high Fluoride in groundwater of the Nairobi area, Kenya, Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) 53(6) pg 1230-1240

Articles in conference proceedings

  • Kilonzo F., A. Van Griensven and W. Bauwens, (2012) Distributed validation of hydrological model using field and remotely sensed data in Sepplet et al., (eds): Managing resources of a limited planet: pathways and visions under uncertainty, Sixth Biennial meeting, Leipzig Germany, International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs).


  • Kilonzo, F.N., 2014. Assessing the Impacts of Environmental Changes on the Water Resources of the Upper Mara, Lake Victoria Basin, UNESCO-IHE/VUB PhD Thesis, CRC Press/Balkema, ISBN 9781138026384

Presentation of papers at Academic and professional conferences

  • Evaluation of a modified septic tank system optimized for effluent re-use in Agriculture, paper presented at the 3 rd International Water Association (IWA) development congress, 14-17 November 2013, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Quantity or Quality? Threats from land cover changes on water resources of the Mara River basin, 3 rd International Water Association (IWA) development congress, 14-17 November 2013, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Food production systems and the farmers' adaptive capacity to Climate Change in the Upper Mara River Basin, Kenya, paper presented at the 3rd Lake Victoria Basin Scientific conference, 22-23 Oct, 2012, Entebbe, Uganda.
  • Spatio-temporal variation in water quality of the upper Mara River basin, paper presented at
  • the WaterNet/ Symposium, 31 Oct- 2 Nov, 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Selecting a Potential Evapotranspiration method (PET) in the absence of Essential climatic input data, paper presented at the SWAT International Conference 14-17 June, 2011, Toledo, , Spain,
  • Improving model predictive capacity in poorly gauged catchments, paper presented at the LAKE AND CATCHMENT RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM (LARS2011) conference, 14-18 March, 2011, Nairobi, Kenya

Convening and coordinating conferences

  • Workshop Coordinator, GIS training workshop on Water Resources Management, 17 – 21 February 2014, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Team leader, Technology fair sub-Committee, 6th ICAT conference on Appropriate technology, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya


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