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Dr. Sylvester Okwach Juma

Title/Qualifications: PhD/Structural Engineering energy Field
Energy Engineering
Contact Address:
Kenyatta University Box 43844-00100 - Kenya

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Area of Specialization: Structural Engineering, Energy Engineering and Management
Research Interests:
Energy Management & Energy System Design


  • Dr. S. J. Okwach and T.D. Kahiga, 2006, Design and development of portable low head-low volume hydro-turbine for shaft power applications
  • Dr. S. J. Okwach and G. K. N. Mbugua, 2005, An Investigation of enterprise based training and entreneural performance;
  • Dr. S. J. Okwach and G. S. Mwangi, 2002-2006, Design of a solar tracking concentration system for processing heat generation
  • Dr. S. J. Okwach and Wambayi N. O., Report on the review of safety measures in the greenhouses and safety signs at Sulmac Company Ltd in Naivasha’; a consultancy research on the structural safety of greenhouses.
  • Dr. S. J. Okwach, Aoyama S and Takeauchi T., 1996, Shell analysis of a grain silo due to wind and seismic energy”; proceedings of Japanese society of Irrigation Drainage Reclamation Engineering
  • Dr. S. J. Okwach et al., 1993, Mechanical Behaviour of a single storage silo under pressure”, Transaction of Japanese Society of Irrigation Drainage Reclamation Engineering


  • Dr. Okwach S. J., 2011/2012, Design of Biogas Purification & Plant

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