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Title/Qualifications: Msc. Reading University,U.K
Energy Engineering
Contact Address:
P.O BOX 78516, 00507 Nairobi
Area of Specialization:
Renewable energy; Information technology; Energy project management; Entrepreneurship; Technology and Development; and Design and innovation.

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Relevant Papers and Presentations:  

  • Rioba C.O. - Solar Energy - Is it a viable alternative?  Business Journal, May, 1988.
  • Rioba C.O. - Power for the farmer, African Farming, November/ December (1988).
  • Rioba C.O. - Use of solar energy - Consumers` Digest, Vol. 8, No. 3, (1988).
  • M. Jones, Rioba C.O. and Baiya H. - Energy Conservation tips for Hotel Industry, MOE Booklet (1984)
  • M. Jones, Rioba C.O. and Baiya H. - Energy Audits for a Selected number of Kenya Industries, MOE Booklet (1983).
  • Rioba C.O. - Energy Conservation and Management in the Kenya industries, The Kenya Engineer, June 1983.

Professional Honors and Memberships:
(i) Member Institute of Energy (U.K);
(ii) Member Institute of Chemical Engineers (U.K);
(iii) Member Institute of Engineers of Kenya
(iv) Member Institute of Chemical Engineers of Kenya.

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