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Mr. Kiunga Isaac Karinguri


Title/Qualifications:Master of Science (Sustainable Energy Engineering-Kenyatta University)
Department/Unit/Section: Energy Engineering
Contact Address: P.O BOX 48841-00100, NAIROBI
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell phone: : +254 (0)725874130
Position: Teaching Assistant
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Workshops, Trainings and Seminars
February 11-13, 2014: Training on use of smart board in teaching and professional presentations, organized by Centre for Teaching Excellence & Evaluation, Kenyatta University.
January 13-15, 2014: Research skills training and Capacity building, for both PhD candidates and PhD supervisors. Organized by AGRA and Wageningen UR
November 4 -15, 2013: Productivity Training, based on Kaizen, organized by JICA and PCK (Productivity Centre of Kenya).
May 27, 2013: workshop to plan on International Conference on Appropriate Technology for the 21st century: sustainable development in Africa held at Kenyatta University
May 12, 2012: team building training for supervisors and managers for Intertek held by Kenya Institute of Management at White sands Hotel, Mombasa.
October 16, 2009: Leadership and Entrepreneurship conference facilitated by southern credit bank at Kenyatta University.




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