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Kennedy Otieno

The school of Engineering & Technology has rapidly grown over the past few years. There has been a general overhaul of the curricula of all faculties for accreditation by the regulatory board. A lot of resources have been brought on board to ensure quality education to the students. Among these are; new machines to the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering workshops for practical lessons, more lecturers have been employed on permanent basis and all the curricula have been developed to meet the needs of the cooperate world today. The Kenyatta University School of Engineering will be the first in Kenya to offer Petroleum and Biomedical engineering. Series of workshops and seminars have been organized to discuss the curriculum development of these courses.


All the stake holders (Engineering regulatory boards, Registration boards, Scholars in the Engineering sector and Heads of Engineering Cooperates) were involved in this exercise. These courses will be fully accredited from the onset. The leadership system is very good and allows for full engagement, motivation and inspiration to students. The school promotes professionalism in the field of engineering by developing leadership, project management, team work and organizational skills.

The system also inculcates confidence and competence through self directed learning, decision making, abstract thinking and problem solving skills in readiness to cooperate contribution. As a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student, I’m grateful for the large knowledge base and professional environment in the school of Engineering. I have been fully equipped with quality education that empowers me to either get a very good job or start my own Engineering firm. Kennedy Otieno, 5th Year Mechanical Engineering student.

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