Name: Prof. Caleb Mireri
Title/Qualifications: Dr.
Department/Unit/Section: Environmental Planning and Management
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi
Position: Associate Proffesor
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Participation/attendance of conferences/workshops

  • Attended a Regional Consultation Meeting on the Development of the Global Climate Change Adaptation Network in Africa, January 19 - 20, 2009, organized by UNEP, UN Complex, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Attended a MESA International Conference on Environment, Development and Climate Change: Universities Responding, held on 24 – 28.08, in Nairobi, organised by UNEP.
  • Attended a workshop on Access to Useful Services Workshop, held in Nakuru Municipality, organised by Practical Action. November 28, 2008.
  • Attended a scientific workshop on Strengthening Scientific Output – Socio-economic Instruments and PROACT, organised by Partnership for Research on Viable Environmental Infrastructure, at Arusha, Tanzania, 6 – 8.10.2008
  • Attended a National Workshop on Integrated Approaches to Urban Development, Nairobi. 7-8 December 2005 organised by Intermediate Technology Development Group.
  • Attended a workshop on Reinvigorating University Mandate in a Globalising World: Challenges, Obstacles and the way forward, 26-27.05.2005, at Kenyatta University, organised by German Academic Exchange Service and Kenya DAAD Scholars Association
  • Attended regional workshop on Lake Victoria Research Initiative, 18.05 - 19.05.2005, at Arusha Tanzania, organised by Inter-University Council for East Africa
  • A resource person during an Integrated Environmental Management Workshop - Sensitisation of Policy Maker and Chief Officers of Nakuru Municipality, May 2005 at Naivasha, organised by Intermediate Technology Development Group.
  • Attended a Stakeholder Workshop on Nairobi Urban Transport Study, Nairobi (September 2004).
  • Attended a Regional Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines on Shared Ecosystems of East Africa, Arusha Tanzania – August 2004.

Research and publications

  1. Articles in refereed journals – international journals

    • Co-author of a scientific article titled “Is participatory forest management (PFM) an asset or liability to local community households adjacent to Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Kenya?”, Journal of African Studies and Development, Vol.4(3), pp 96-104, April 2012
    • Co – author of a scientific article titled “Participatory Natural Resource Management: Policy and Institutional Framework” (Part II), Environmental Policy and Law, The Journal of Decision – Makers, 41/6 (2011), pp 292 – 298;
    • Co – author of a scientific article  titled “Participatory Natural Resources Management: policy and institutional framework”, (Part I), Environmental Policy and Law, The Journal of Decision – Makers, 41/4 – 5 (2011), 232 – 239;
    • Co – author of a scientific article titled “The impact of participatory forest management on forest integrity and biodiversity in Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Kenya”, African Journal of Ecology, pp 184 -192, 2011;
    • Corresponding author of a scientific article titled ‘Public Open Spaces in Nairobi City - Kenya under Threat’, Journal of Environmental Planning & Management, 2011, Vol. 54, No. 8 pp 1107-1125;
  2. Chapters in books

    • Co – author of a scientific article (Mireri, C. & Letema, S.) titled ‘Review of Environmental Governance in Kenya: Analysis of Environmental Policy and Institutional Frameworks’ in Handbook of Environmental Policy, pp 371 – 380, ISBN No. 978 – 60741 – 635 - 7, Nova Science Publishers, ( 2010
    • Author of (book chapter) titled ‘Irrigated Urban Agriculture in Kisumu Municipality, Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges’ in Agricultural Irrigation Research Progress. Eds Alonso, D. & Iglesias, H.J. Nova Science Publishers, 2008. ISBN 978-1-60456-579-9.
    • Author of a scientific article titled ‘Challenges Facing the Conservation of Lake Naivasha, Kenya’. Weiterbildung Siegen, No 18 Vol. 3, Research Institute for Water & Environment, University of Siegen, Germany. DAAD Alumni Summer School 2005, Topics on Integrated Watershed Management.
    • Lead author of a scientific article (Mireri, C., Letema, S. & Majale, C.) (book chapter) Water and Sanitation Service Delivery in Kenya in Environment & Sustainable Development: A guide for Higher Education in Kenya Vol II, 2007. Eds. – Waswa, F., Otor, S., Olukoye, D., and Mugendi D., pp 275 – 295. Downtown Printing Works: Nairobi. ISBN: 9966-776-34-6.