Kenyatta University School of Environmental Studies Deans' Cup is an annual football event which is organized through KUSA office of the Congress person. This was a game between departments within the School ie Environmental Science and education, Environmental Planning and Management and Environmental Community Development. But this year, the event was organized between students from Level 100 to 400. The 2019 edition of the Deans' Cup was played on February.27th to February, 2019 at Kenyatta University's games ground.
All the teams had prepared well for this event and played well for it. The finals were a thrilling encounter which saw level 300 take on level 200. The winner’s level 300 hundreds were crowned the winners and presented with a beautiful trophy, participation Certificates and ksh 8000 while the runners up were awarded with certificates and Ksh. 5000 by the School administrator. In the closing remarks, the congress person thanked the University for giving them the opportunity and the facility, the Office of the Dean for facilitating the event, the organizers, coaches, participants and the crowd which turned in large numbers to cheer the players and giving them moral. The trophy was later awarded to the Dean in an event which was held at the dean’s office of the Dean. The dean promised to continue supporting such event and any other event held at the School.

Dean School of Environmental Studies receives the Dean Cup from the team coach won by third years During the Competition


Dean School of Environmental Studies is presented with a Elephant trophy by the school congress person


Environmental students relaxes as they watch  a Match between Fourth years and Second years during the tournament

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