This an annual event organized by the office of the Dean School of Environmental Studies and KUSA office of the Congress Person. The organizers of the event were scouting for possible contestants to be Kenyatta University Mr. and Miss Environment. The Contestants should be young and vibrant individuals between the age of 18 and 27. The of the Contestants physique should be on point, you should have an appealing body structure that can sell you out, you know, the usual height requirement of 4.5 feet, 5 inches (165.10cm)
Apart from the face for runaway, the contestants were expected to have an outstanding personality, a social being and outgoing, this is a bonus to enable you win a chance to win. Not only do you have to be good looking and fashionable, but also have adequate knowledge on your County of Residence, University, social and political issues. It was mandatory to know more information about their School, which they were representing. Information should be on the environment and culture of the county and the University.
The event took place in in BSSC RM 12, started at 8.00 p.m. and ran for 3hrs non -stop to 12.05 a.m. in the morning. The contestants were drawn from all Schools from the University and participated in 6 different categories (Black and White wear, Creative, Cultural, Vintage, Dinner Wear, and Cooperate Designs). First was an introduction of all the 13 (thirteen) followed by thrilling and entertaining walk through the run way for all the participants in the four categories. The judges who were drawn from Jomo Kenyatta University and Nazarene had difficult time in awarding marks for the contestants because of the prowess ability talent and the articulation of ideas displayed by the contestants. The Disco Joker and his team were also well suited for the moment for he proved that his choice was well deserved. He entertained everybody who attended the event to the full. The students provided the synergy and the cheer needed for the event and the night that was growing colder and colder as night grew old. The time come which everyone in the building was waiting for the crowning of Mr. and Miss Environment and the thirteen contestants lined up judges made their evaluation and finally the winners were Mr. Alvin Sabato (Mr. Environment) and Miss Phillis Miss Environment and were presented with their crowns and awards. The event ended at 12.05.a.m

Some of the invited Guests Pose for a photo in BSSC RM 12 after the crowning of MR and MISS Environment 2019

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