Name: Peter Abwao
: Mr. Msc
Department/Unit/Section: Environmental Studies and Community Development
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Hydrology
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Area of Research:
Water Quality Assessment within the Yala River System: A Catchment Ecosystem Approach

Conference Presentations

  • Peter Abwao, The ESDA-SUD Course Testing Induction Workshop., Nairobi, Kenya, 14th - 15th February, 2011.
  • Peter Abwao, “A Scientific Perspective on Water Quality in Africa”., Nairobi, Kenya, 22nd March, 2010
  • Peter Abwao, “Triple Helix Responses to Climate Change.” , Denmark.    Aalborg, Denmark, 30th October, 2009
  • Peter Abwao, Research and Development Cooperation., Aarhus, Denmark, 29th October, 2009
  • Peter Abwao, Enhancing Integrated Management Options of Lake Ol Bolossat Basin through Evaluation of Impacts of Climate Variability, Land Use and Land Cover Changes.”, Nyahururu, Kenya, 22nd October, 2009
  • Peter Abwao, Community Based Innovations for Urban Sustainable Development Program., Nairobi, Kenya, 7th September, 2009
  • Peter Abwao, The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (CEED) Conference., Nairobi, Kenya, 14th - 16th November, 2007
  • Peter Abwao, Proposal Writing Workshop., Nairobi, Kenya, 17th - 18th July 2006
  • Peter Abwao, Water Treatment Technologies., Nairobi, Kenya, 22nd -23rd March, 2005


  • Lilian Mwikali, Fuchaka Waswa and Abwao Peter (2008) “Environmental Effects of Energy Shortages in Mavoloni Location Machakos, Kenya” in African Journal of Environmental Studies and Development. Vol. 1 No. 1. December 2008. (ISSN: 1995 - 1329). SES, KU, 2008.
  • Abwao, P and Ram Manohar (2005), "Chemistry as Tool in water Treatment". In Abstract Volume of the 5th International Conference of The Kenya Chemical Society. 22nd -26th August, 2005 whose theme was Chemistry- Its Contribution to a Healthy Environment and Socio-Economic Development. Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Abwao, P (2004). "Environmental Impacts and Disparities Associated with Rural - Urban Migration". In Momanyi Clara et al (2004) (Edits) Disparities in Science, Technology, Environment, HIV/AIDS and Education. Vol. 2. ATWS - Kenya Chapter. (ISBN 9966-9969-19).
  • Abwao, P (2004), "Water Quality and Environmental Health Education". In Keraka N.M et al (2004)(Edits), Status of Environmental Health Education in the Eastern African Reion: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward. Department of Environmental Health, Kenyatta University. KU, Unicef, UNESCO and IFRA, Nairobi. ISBN (0001 - 0001 -1).


  • Contracted to participate in the Development of Masters of Science in Community Innovations for Sustainable Urban Livelihoods Curriculum.  Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA)
  • Associate Investigator on a project entitled “Enhancing Integrated Management Options of Lake Ol Bolossat Basin through Evaluation of Impacts of Climate Variability, Land Use and Land Cover Changes”.
  • Associate Researcher on the Integrated Ocean Management Policy of Kenya Project.  included:-“Kenya’s Marine Ecosystem and Ocean Resources and their Responsive Management Principles.” “Development of Marine Science, Technology and Education and Research relevant to the Ocean Space of Kenya.”
  • Co-editor of the Report "Gender Roles in Poverty Alleviation and Natural Resource Management Strategies in Luanda Division, Vihiga District.  Report prepared by the Department of Secondary and Tertiary Studies of the Nottingham Trent University (U.K) and Department of Environmental Socio-cultural Studies, Kenyatta University for the British Council.
  • Co-editor of the Report "Training on Networking for Gender Roles in Poverty Alleviation and Natural Resource Management in Luanda Division, Vihiga District".

Administrative responsibilities:

  • School Practicum Coordinator, School of Environmental Studies. (Appointed in January, 2017 to-date)
  • Academic Mentor, Second Year undergraduate students, Department of Environmental Studies and Community Development.