Lecturer/ Research Fellow
Department: Environmental Studies and Community Development
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844, 00100-Nairobi, Kenya.
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Academic education and scientific degrees                                                                                                                      

  • 2013 – 2016:  Ph.D. Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne, Germany.Grade: “Magna cum laude” (1,0)
  • 2010 – 2012:  MA: Culture and Environment in Africa, University of Cologne, Germany. Grade: “Sehr gut” (1,3)
  •  2004 – 2008:  BA: Anthropology, University of Nairobi, Kenya. Grade: First class honours

International Project Funding

2021-2024:   Danish Fellowship Centre grant, Denmark: “Governing Adaptation Finance for

                     Transformation (GAFT). A comparative study of climate change adaptation

                      implementation in Tanzania and Kenya”. Main partner – Danish Institute for

                      International Studies (DIIS).

                      Role: Principal Investigator, Kenya


2021-2024:   Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant, UK: “Connecting agropastoral

                     food culture research to livestock commercialisation policy”. Main partner, IDS, UK.

                     Role: Lead Co-Investigator, Kenya

2020:             Argelander grant, Germany: “Contending with COVID-19 shock in selected African

                      countries: Micro-level evidence from Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia

                      Role: Lead Co-Investigator, Kenya

2018 - 2020: German Research Foundation (DFG) grant, Germany: “Future Rural Africa: Future-

                      Making and Social-Ecological Transformation. Project A04;

                      Role: Lead Co-Investigator, Kenya.  https://www.crc228.de/projects/project_a04/ 


2013 – 2016:  European Commission/Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions/The Innovative Training

                       Networks grant, Germany: ‘Resilience in East African Landscapes (REAL);

                       Role: Junior Research Fellow (PhD grant) . www.real-project.eu; http://www.real-project.eu/category/eric/         

2010-2012:   German Research Foundation (DFG) grant, Germany: “Resilience, Collapse, and

                      Reorganization in Social-Ecological Systems of the African Savannas”.

                      Role: MA grant. www.fg1501db.uni-koeln.de ; http://www.fg1501db.uni-koeln.de/index.php?navi=8&id=23        


  •  Kioko E. M and Chigozie Nweke-Eze (2021, in press) ‘But we cannot do it all’: Investors’ sustainability dilemmas and strategic selectivity in the development of Kenya’s geothermal energy plants in Olkaria. World Sustainability Series (forthcoming in March 2021).
  •  Kioko E. M. (2021, in press). Forest crime in Africa: actors, markets and complexities linked to illicit trade in sandalwood and rosewood. (Volume on “Future Africa”, proceedings of the ECAS19)
  •  Kioko E. M. (2021, in press) Commodifying East Africa’s Sandalwood: Organised crime and  community participation in the transnational smuggling of an endangered plant. In: Bollig, M., Lendelwo, S., Mosimane, A. & Nghitevelekwa, R. (eds): Commodifying the ‘Wild’: Conservation, Markets and the Environment in Southern and Eastern Africa. James Currey - Boydell and Brewer Publishers (forthcoming)   
  •  Kioko E. M. and W. Okumu (2021, in press). Ungoverned Spaces and Informalization of Violence. The Case of Kenya Police Reservists (KPRs) in Baragoi, In: Sabine Klocke-Daffa and Arne Steinforth (eds). Challenging Authorities (forth coming).
  •  Müller-Mahn, D., Mkutu, K., Kioko, E. (2020, in press) Mega-projects – mega-failures? Politics of aspiration and the transformation of rural Kenya, The European Journal of Development Research.
  •  Schmidt, M, Kioko, E, Atieno O., & Stephan, C (2020): “There is a Lot of Pressure on Me. It's Like  the Distance Between Heaven and Earth” - Landscapes of Debt, Poverty-in-People and Social Atomization in Covid-19 Nairobi. Blog post on Developing Economics. A Critical Perspective On Development Economics, October 1st 2020.
  •  Schmidt, M, Kioko, E, Musa, K. J & Stephan, C (2020): 'Life On These Stones Is Very Hard' - House Helps in Covid-19 Nairobi. Blog post on Developing Economics. A Critical Perspective On Development Economics, November 13th 2020.
  •  Kioko, E. M. and Gravesen M. (2019). Cooperation in the midst of conflict: cattle raids and land deals in Laikipia and Narok, Kenya, Africa. The Journal of the International African Institute, Vol 89, Issue 3, pp. 562-585. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0001972019000524
  •  Kioko, E. M. & Okumu W. (2018). Appeasing the land: local peace committees and co-management of conflicts in rural Kenya. AFSOl Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1. pp 80-112 http://ipss-addis.org/y-file-store/vol.2(i)_afsol_journal_(1).pdf
  •  Kioko, E. M. (2017), Conflict Resolution and Crime Surveillance in Kenya: Local Peace Committees and Nyumba Kumi, in: Africa Spectrum, Vol 52, Issue 1, pp. 3–32 http://journals.sub.uni-hamburg.de/giga/afsp/
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  •  Kioko, E. M. (2016). Turning conflict into coexistence: cross-cutting ties and institutions in the agro-pastoral borderlands of Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya. PhD Thesis, Universität zu Köln. http://kups.ub.uni-koeln.de/id/eprint/7064
  •  Kioko, E. M. (2016). Forgotten peace in resource use. In: People and Land, a publication by the Resilience in East Africa Landscapes Research Group. ISBN: 978-0-9573771-5-8 [Titel anhand dieser ISBN in Citavi-Projekt übernehmen] . www.real-project.eu
  •  Kioko, E. M. & Bollig, M. (2015). Cross-cutting Ties and Coexistence: Intermarriage, Land Rentals, and Changing Land Use Patterns among Maasai and Kikuyu of Maiella and Enoosupukia, Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya. Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, Vol 2 (1), Issue 1, pp. 1-16, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16993/rl.ad
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