Entry Requirements

  1. Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of Kenyatta University.
  2. Candidates must have C+ (C Plus) at KCSE or equivalent in any three (3) of the following subjects: Biology/Biological Sciences; Chemistry/Physical Sciences/ Physics/Mathematics; Home Science; English/Kiswahili/Foreign Language; Geography/History; Business Studies/ Commerce/Economics/ Agriculture
  3. Mean grade C (plain) at KCSE or equivalent with a Diploma in Hospitality Management from a recognized / accredited institution.
  4. Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma from recognized/accredited institutions.

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Unit Codes and Title

Level 100
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
UCU 106: Diversity, Ethics and Citizenship
HTM 100: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HTM 104: Principles of Management in Hospitality and Tourism HTM 106: Services Management in Hospitality and Tourism HTM 107: Food Safety and Hygiene
HTM 108: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Accounting
HTM 109: Tourism Philosophies and Practices
HTM 110: Introduction to Computer Applications in Hospitality and Tourism
HTM 111: Introduction to Travel and Tour Operations
HTM 112: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
HTM 113: Tourism, Leisure, Recreation & Health
HTM 114: Chinese I /AFG B01: German for Beginners I /AFF B01: French for Beginners I

Level 200
BBA 200: Organizational Behaviour
HTM 207: Wine and Beverage Knowledge
HTM 208: Introduction to Economics in Hospitality and Tourism
HTM 212: Food Production Lab I
HTM 213: Food and Menu Knowledge I HTM 214: Food and Beverage Service Lab I HTM 215: Food and Beverage Service Theory I BBA 301: Human Resource Management I
HTM 216: Hospitality and Tourism Events Management
HTM 217: Hospitality and Tourism Management Accounting
HTM 218: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) HTM 219: Legal aspects in Hospitality and Tourism
HTM 220: Hospitality and Tourism Facilities Management
AGB 002: German for beginners II or AFB 002: French for beginners II /HTM 221: Chinese II

Level 300 Core Units (Tourism Option)
HTM 303: Research Methods
BTM 370: Travel Agency Operations BTM 371: Tour Operations Techniques BTM 372: Flora and Fauna of East Africa BTM 373: Tourism and Travel Geography
AFB 003: French for Beginners III/ AGB 003: German for Beginners III/ HTM 452: Chinese III BTM 374: Tourism Distribution Systems (Theory and Practical)
BTM 375: Destination Management BTM 376: Sociology of Tourism BTM 377: Airfare and Ticketing
BTM 378: Cultural and Heritage Tourism
HTM 315: Field Attachment I (Outside Semester)

Level 400 (Tourism Option)
HTM 402: Statistics
HTM 403: Research Project (to be done over 2 semesters) BTM 470: Destination Marketing
BTM 471: Tourism and the Environment BTM 472: Sustainable Tourism Management BTM 473: Domestic and Regional Tourism BTM 474: Ecotourism Principles and Practices
HTM 406: Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism
HTM 410: Public Relations & Resource Mobilization in Hospitality & Tourism
BTM 475: Tourism Policy and Planning
BTM 476: Tourism Product Development and Innovation
HTM 419: Field attachment II (Outside Semester)