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Tourism accounts for about 10 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), making it the third largest contributor to GDP after agriculture and manufacturing. It is also Kenya's leading foreign exchange earner, yielding about USD 807 million in 2009. The tourism sector's contribution to employment generation has grown by about 3% annually and earnings per employee growing by 18% over the last five years The sector is also a major source of Government Revenue in the form of taxes, duties, license fees, entry fees among others. Tourism has consequently been identified as a lead sector that can help achieve the goals of the country’s development blueprint, Vision 2030.

We kindly invite you to review our program information. Use the links provided and have a look at our programs that are crafted to prepare you for a career in Tourism.


There is need to enhance professionalism, scholarship and research in tourism as a growing field of study and as a major socio-economic activity nationally, regionally and internationally. Current, tourism education provision caters mainly for industry entrants, but we have recognized that there is an ever-increasing need for continuing education that is accessible and flexible and is able to accommodate those already in the labour force in terms of its structure, delivery and content.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be a dynamic centre of professional excellence in tourism learning and research

Our Mission

  • We seek to provide high quality professional instruction, research and community service in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Our Departmental Strategic Initiative
The Department is committed to:

  1. promote scholarship, service and academic leadership in Tourism;
  2. uphold high standards in Tourism teaching, and learning;
  3. augment science and technological advancements in Tourism;
  4. monitor and evaluate the impacts of international, regional and local Tourism plans, policies and performances in the industry;
  5. organize, coordinate and disseminate research activities in tourism areas for the benefit of humanity;
  6. develop linkages and collaboration with the Tourism industry;

The School of Tourism Management is located at Nigeria Drive No 15. The Departmental offices are next to the School of Hospitality and Tourism. The department also has a branch at the Mombasa Campus.

The Department's Specialty & Branding
The Department of Tourism Management seeks to be the key source of human resource and a significant disseminator of relevant and industry-oriented research.

The Department offers the following programmes (Please click on the provided links for further details):-

  • Bsc. In Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Masters in International Tourism
  • Masters Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality & Tourism

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