CRM 202: Community Outreach Programmes

Concepts and principles of community outreach services. Community outreach information, education and communication. Related theories and practices, role of community outreach in community development and leadership training. Role of women and men’s self-help groups in promoting community development.

HCR 203: Community Mobilization and Oroganization

Analysis of goals, trends, Community involvement and participation in programs. Community development as a process. Planning, implementing, managing community projects, need based, asset-based, sustainable livelihoods, social action, community organization and social planning. Community project cycle.

HCR 300: Introduction to Statistics

An introduction to techniques for the analysis and interpretation of research data, including descriptive statistics: frequency distribution, centrality, variability and correlation measures, and inferential statistics, chi-square tests, T-tests, analysis of variance. Analysis of qualitative date by theme development and use of narratives.

HCR 301: introduction to Research Methods

An introduction to the various research methods, with emphasis on research design, development of research tools, construction and use of surveys, uses of availability data, methods of collecting and analyzing data, the testing of hypotheses, the drawing of inferences, and the writing of the research report.


HCR 302: National Development Policies

Overview of Kenya development plans and policies. National and District development plans. Strategic plans and sessional papers. Role of governmental, private and non-governmental agencies in development planning. Policy implantation issues.

HCR 303: Disaster Management

Analysis of natural and human-made disasters and their impact on community development. Principles and practices of disaster mitigation and management. National and international policies on disaster management. Case studies of disasters in Kenya and their management.

HCR 304: Resource Management for Rural Communities

Integrated rural development. Social and economic dimensions of rural development. Rural development planning and national development. Concept of cost-sharing, resource generation, management and control and distribution of resources for rural communities.

HCR 305: Community Outreach & Extension Service

History and development of community outreach and extension service globally and locally. Principles of extension service, planning, implementation, monitoring and evolution of community extension service. Impact assessment and sustainability.

HCR 306: Practicum

Exploration of community development programmes offered by governmental, non-governmental organization, or the private sector related to the student’s area of interest. Analysis of the situation, and a plan of action will precede the attachment. Field attachment in a selected area of community welfare programmes serving children, youth, women, men, families, or groups with special needs. Field supervision and written project required.

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