Entry Requirements:
i. Candidate must satisfy the minimum entry requirement of Kenyatta University for
Diploma courses of mean grade of C. In addition the candidate must have grade C in
two of the following subjects from any of the two categories. Category A: Biology, Home science, Chemistry and Agriculture.
Category B: Home science, Biological Sciences, Geography, Agriculture and Physical
ii. Mean grade C- (minus) at KCSE with a certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics from a Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) recognized institution, and must be registered by KNDI or equivalent bodies for International Students.

Structure and Duration
Students will take a total of 24 units, 12 units per year, 6 per semester.

Unit Code and Title

Year 1
FND 040: Introduction to Human Nutrition and Health
FND 041: Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology FND 042: Introduction to Therapeutic Nutrition FND 043: Nutrition Assessment
FND 044: Basic Nutrition Epidemiology
FND 045: Introduction to Community and Public Health
FND 046: Fundamentals of Food Preparation, Preservation and Storage
FND 047: Nutrition and Health Education FND 048: Introduction to Organic Chemistry FND 049: Introduction to Food Microbiology
FND 050: Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics
FND 051: Nutrition and HIV and AIDS

Year 2
FND 052: Nutrition and Health Information Systems
FND 053: Project Planning, Management and Evaluation
FND 054: Introduction to Maternal and Child Nutrition
FND 055: Nutrition and Health in Emergencies
FND 056: Introduction to Sociology FND 057: Introduction to Dietetics HFN 058: Food Safety and Hygiene
FND 059: Nutrition and Health Counselling
FND 060: Nutrition and Health Interventions
FND 061: Entrepreneurship in Nutrition and Health FND 062: Fundamentals of Nutrition Biochemistry FND 063: Practicum

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